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Updating this old post with translations for the short on-screen comic:


Karen & Tsukihi: We’re the Fire Sisters!

Karen: Ah! Down the street, it’s that swindler we’ve been hearing about!

Kaiki: Hehehe. What a beautiful day to cheat people!

Karen: Want some more?!

Kaiki: I’ve turned over a new leaf.

Kaiki: Let me make amends.

(Book is labeled “Swindle Diary”)

Kaiki: Do you know her?

Karen: Who’s this untouched, honest, bright-looking girl?

Karen: Know her?

Koyomi: Let me try asking Gahara-san.

Karen: So it was Senjougahara Hitagi-sama…



It’s me, Kaiki. ”Kai” as in “shell midden” (kaizuka) and “ki” as in “dead tree” (kareki). Kaiki Deishu.

When I went to buy a new cell phone, all they had were smartphones. Times sure have changed!

But contrary to the name “smartphone,” they’re pretty fat, aren’t they? They’re about twice as thick as regular cell phones, to the point of being bulky.

They’re a pain to put in your pocket, and on the other hand, the screen’s so big that it seems like it’d break easily. Don’t just assume everybody will put on a screen protector!

Good grief, I won’t go as far as to call them “fatphones,” but they’re more like “flatphones,” don’t you think?

Well, in any case, the one thing I don’t want to be is the type of person who’s depended on devices so much and then dismisses them as having gone the way of the dodo or being junk.

Next episode, Tsukihi Phoenix, Part One.

That’s the lesson that I should take away from this incident.

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